VR – OpenSynaps – Hypnosis in virtual reality


OpenSynaps aim to create new states of consciousness to remedy troubles and fears. Its apps provide various combined mental techniques such as breathing, relaxation, alpha waves, subliminal, and operant conditioning. Thanks to the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality and its peculiarities of immediate immersion, these techniques have a direct impact on the conscious and the subconscious. OpenSynaps programs are also available as mobile applications (i.e., on the phone).

OpenSynaps - Virtual reality
The world of OpenSynaps and the wise Nô-Mi

These softwares were produced under Unity. Particular attention has been placed on performance optimization. Indeed the Oculus Go being a mobile virtual reality headset, the resources available are limited. Additionally, during extensive use, it tends to overheat and shut down.

To overcome these problems, an optimization effort was made on the application by greatly reducing the “Draw Calls” and the number of graphic “Passes”. Toward this goal, several graphic techniques were used: Static batching, Dynamic batching, Multithread rendering, Textures atlases, ASTC textures compression, Tree billboard, Meshbaking, Unlit texture, Static lightmap, Mesh terrain.

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