VR – ELUD – Educational platform in virtual reality


The current teaching resources no longer correspond to the needs of children of this new generation who must imperatively integrate into a digital society. There are, mostly in theoretical fields, many abstract subjects that the students find difficult to conceptualize. So children learn from theories that they struggle to understand due to the lack of stimulating content.

The E-Lud virtual reality teaching platform allows to immerse and stimulate learning through quality visuals and interactive interfaces. The objective was to create a multi-functional platform that could offer several applications useful for teaching.

Virtual reality - E-Lud, teaching platform
Virtual reality – E-Lud, teaching platform

The E-LUD virtual reality application contains multiple teaching sub-applications:

  • An application that allows teachers to broadcast pre-made lesson sequences using virtual reality headsets as an immersive medium.
  • An application containing immersive videos presenting trades, schools or universities to help students in post-compulsory orientation.
  • A game / exercise app for dyslexic students. Virtual reality can be a promising tool for working on certain disorders such as dyspraxia, dysphasia or dyslexia.

The platform is designed to be able to accommodate an unlimited number of complementary applications. We can imagine applications related to artistic expression or raising awareness on important subjects through educational, informative or amusing videos.

Virtual reality - E-Lud, teaching platform
Virtual reality – E-Lud, teaching platform

All of the applications were created using the Unity game engine. This project was carried out on behalf of the company E-Lud.

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