Virtual reality – “LamaSlam” game

Development, conception, gamedesign and realization of a promotional game in virtual reality entitled “LamaSlam”. This game aims to promote the qualities of a VR haptic controller created by the company Foldaway Haptics. The Foldaway Haptics company aims to bring a sense of touch to virtual reality.

The game is playable with one or two players and the objective is to grab different types of animals on the game board in front of the players and send them in a “black hole” basket placed near the opponent’s place. The animals are 3 in number and are worth different scores depending on their difficulty; this is adapted by the textures, resistances and vibrations rendered by the haptic lever according to the animals seized. These fall if they are tightened too hard by triggering a superpower specific to each: blindness, explosion, noise.

The games are separated into one minute rounds with increasing difficulty. The winner is the player who has scored the maximum point.

Presentation video of “LamaSlam”